Writers Block…

Well the title of this post is not entirely accurate...we haven't been out of blogging ideas, rather we've been too busy to write any! Luna now has over 80+ followers on Instagram, and we are looking forward to reaching our first 100! However all this time spent away has given us PLENTY to write about... Continue Reading →

Fame and fortune

As the (very) proud Mammy of Luna, I naturally am besotted with her. And I therefore see no logical reason why every other human wouldn't want their newsfeed inundated with stories and photos of her - who wouldn't want to see that scrumptious little mush everyday?? So I decided Luna needed her own instagram, and... Continue Reading →

World Cup rubbish

Daddy is being very weird tonight, and I really honestly don't know what has gotten into him... he was fine yesterday on fathers day (when I obvs got him an AMAZING card with my pocket money)... Mammy made tea tonight and afterwards he started jumping up and shouting "C'MON!" at the TV. I think Mammy... Continue Reading →

Puppy playdate

I was unbelievably excited to finally be introducing Luna to 'bauldy audi man's (BAM)', new puppy, Mollie yesterday evening. After literally weeks of pestering The Husband to ask BAM if we could get them to meet up, tonight was finally the night! Mollie is absolutely scrumptious in every way, she is still at that bouncy,... Continue Reading →

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