Luna meets Benji

Luna loves to meet other dogs, and I mean LOVES it! She is such a friendly, playful pup that just wants to cuddle and play-wrestle with other dogs. It saddens me that some people pre-judge her, purely on the grounds of her breed – when are people going to learn that it’s the owners that are to blame for a dog’s good (or bad) behaviour, and not the dog? Luna is literally one of the friendliest (and dopiest) dogs I have ever met! If you ever witnessed her “dancing” on her hind legs with her Dad, you’d get it.

As myself and my Husband both work full-time jobs, when we first brought Luna home, her grandparents (Husband’s parents) very kindly agreed to look after her in our house Monday through to Friday. They would sit in the house with her for 3-4 hours per day (walking her when she could finally go out), making sure she was fed, watered and (most importantly!) cuddled. Because of this babysitting early on in her life (this continued for at least 6-7 months), she is extremely well bonded and loving of her grandparents on hubby’s side. She gets incredibly excited if they visit (especially towards her grandma, who can barely get through the front door without almost being knocked over for a giant cuddle)!

Luna’s grandparents have a dog called Benji who is a cross between a westie and a bichon frise, and consequently is quite a small dog. Luna is quite unaware of this fact, as she bounds towards him with uncontrollable glee and abandon. Benji on the other hand is all too aware of her size and runs to the nearest “safe point” he can find – usually, someone’s lap. If relegated to the floor, he spends his time trying to dodge her advances with limited success. His only attempt at engagement with her is when she steals one of his many toys to play with, but even then it’s more a pitiful “help me” glance towards my mother in law. She may also have this effect on him because when we take her to her grandparents’ house, she spends the first 5 minutes quickly sniffing out and looting all of Benji’s treats, which he may have spent several months carefully hiding and beavering away like a little white bear. Luna swoops in and just eats everything…

Luna thinks she’s just being friendly and adopting a “waste not, want not” war-effort attitude, Benji thinks she is the devil incarnate. Whenever Benji is brought along to our house with the in-laws, his first reaction is pure excitement and glee that he is going to be seeing myself and hubby again, this quickly turns to restless fear when he remembers our home is also the home of The Beast.

I think Luna thinks of Benji as her boyfriend, although to be honest, I firmly believe Luna thinks any male dog is her boyfriend. Benji would happily play with Luna…if she was behind a locked cage door…

Luna just wants to play with all dogs as previously mentioned, and has taken to spotting dogs on our daily walks and deciding to lie down in “wait” for them. I assume she thinks she’ll have the element of surprise when they draw closer…in truth they’ve spotted the huge hairy lump 10 yards away…

She also does this with birds and small insects (in the house, such as EEK! Spiders). The sweetest thing is that her big curly tail wags back and forth in excitement at this new friend she has found, she approaches slowly and has a good sniff, then (if it’s an insect), she eats it…!

Just about the only animal Luna has ever been wary of, was our beloved late cat (mentioned in our first post) Tigga. He was King of the Hill and as such, his rules had to be obeyed. He was The Best cat ever and was absolutely cherished by myself and Husband (hence his Prince-complex), so he regarded a new puppy in the house with his usual thinly veiled disdain and indifference.

Luna wanting to play with him 24/7 earned her more left hooks than a heavyweight boxer, and she always approached him with nervous curiosity. She did want to be near him so badly, and I did catch them lying together quite happily on a good few occasions (when Tigga thought nobody was looking). In fact one of the last photos I have of our beloved cat is him and Luna lying together down beside my side of the bed, about to fall asleep.

I am so very glad Luna got to meet Tigga, as he taught her how to love animals not of her species and also passed over the reigns of how she might Rule The Roost after he was gone.

I had tears in my eyes as I wrote that last line, as I wish we could have had more time with Tigga, and Luna could have had more time learning the art of ‘Feline World Domination’ from her older, wiser brother.

Wet nose kisses & curly tail wags, The Loony Luna team X

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