Who is Loony Luna?


When deciding what to create a blog about, I thought about what I love to talk about in real life, what are my favourite topics and those I therefore feel most passionate about. I also thought (rather self-indulgently) about what I would like to read a blog about. That’s when I decided the only logical thing for me to write about was…our dog, Luna.

So…this is Luna…

Luna Pig

Luna is a 14-month-old American Akita with a BIG personality. She is a quirky character (read: a lunatic!) and absolutely adored and spoilt by myself and my Husband, who (like many of the pet-owning world) think of her (and more often than not actually refer to her) as our hairy daughter. We both knew back when we met over 11 years ago that we didn’t want to produce any fleshy children (or “little people” as I prefer to call them), however we both loved animals.

Luna is not our first or only hairy child, but I’ll come back to our other beloved pets in later post(s).

For now, back to Luna (AKA Miss Luna & Princess Peach, among many other nicknames)…

Make no mistake that Luna has her Mammy and Daddy wrapped around her (big) paws and knows that she is absolutely gorgeous. The latter point only reinforced by every compliment she receives when out in public…every time we go out…literally anywhere and everywhere, especially from fellow dog walkers.

She visibly basks in the adoration and remarks of “Oh she is beautiful isn’t she”, whilst I stand there (usually) holding a steaming poop bag and trying to prevent her from jumping on the persons pooch’s head (she is super friendly and playful, but her natural instinct to show this by putting her massive paws on the other dog’s head, leaves them less than impressed).

This happens so frequently that on our morning walk only a few days ago I was temporarily basking in the glory of a lovely comment, until I realised it was in reference to Luna (the dog walker was the wife of the man that we usually see walking the dog, and the wife’s greeting on meeting me was “Ah so you are the beauty my Husband talks about”)…well, could have been about me… [insert sarcastic crying emoji].

As I type this, Luna is draped over the arm of the sofa looking at me with those big eyes, tongue lolling out the side of her mouth, wondering what I am up to. I dare not inform her, else she’ll be expecting royalties down the line!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my (OK, OK OUR*- she found out what I was doing…) first post, and you’ll be coming back to be regaled by more tales of a Loony Akita.

Wet nose kisses & curly tail wags, The Loony Luna team X




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