Life with a crazy dog

Our life pre-Madonna (seems a fitting play on words) was occupied by two chinchillas and a scrumptious portly cat (I’ll be dedicating separate post(s) to them later), and a few years before that we also had a mixed-breed dog that my Husband owned when I first met him, called Gizmo, or Gizzy (like Luna he also had many nicknames).

It was a year or so after the loss of our beloved Gizmo that we felt the time was right to fill that hole left in our lives with another dog. So after much research online, we found the American Akita. There are two types of Akita (American & Japanese), and both dogs are a far cry (size-wise) from a little cream Pug that I originally had my heart set on…. but knowing what I know now and after establishing the unbreakable bond we have with Luna, I wouldn’t change her for anything in the world!

Gizmo was a rescue dog and in all honesty, this is my preferred method of obtaining a dog, so you can give it a better life and a second chance (although I do wish shelters naturally didn’t exist due to zero-demand of course), however the Akita is a dog rarely found in shelters. At least, not in the North East of England anyway.

As unbelievable as it is that Luna was ever anything other than a monstrous hairy beast, this is her as a puppy…

Luna at about 4 weeks old
She came into our lives at just 10 weeks old, but was already towering above the other “puppies” at her local puppy socialisation classes. Hilariously enough, she was actually rather terrified of the overexcited cream pug called Toby that tried to jump up to play with her at every opportunity (the biggest puppy in class literally stood no higher than her ankles!).

In those first few weeks before she had had all of the necessary inoculations, we had to carry her everywhere – in and out of the car to the vets and up and down the stairs to bed. In a way I miss those early days, when she was timid and used to cling to you for dear life whilst being carried – now I could probably stick a saddle on her and ride her to work! It would certainly save me some petrol money!

Much like parents of little people feel about them growing up so quickly I suspect, although without the saddle bit! I don’t think people who have never been owned by a cat or dog understand the unbreakable and wholehearted love you have for them – they really are like your children and you treat them at such.

Before we got Luna, my Husband was absolutely adamant that she would not be getting any human titbits, wouldn’t be allowed on the bed and/or sofa and as she is a dog, wouldn’t be talked to like a baby. So can you guess which one of us ended up being more lax with those rules…? Nobody showers Luna with more love and snuggles (and bits of cheese!) than her Daddy.

She fit into our lives pretty well (and pretty quickly) really. She was house trained after about 2 weeks and slept right through the night without chewing things and waking us up. She has bundles of energy when out on walks and playing with you, but she is quite independent and is happy to take herself off to the kitchen for a nap.

One of the best things about Luna (apart from just generally being able to share our life with her in it) is the amazing greeting she gives you when you get home from work (or anywhere for that matter – she thinks you’ve been gone 3 weeks when you just pop out to put the wheelie bin out)!

She’ll see myself or Husband come through the garden gate and she’ll start this adorable bum-wiggle dance whilst clutching a carefully selected toy to present you with. She loves her cuddly toys, so you may look but not touch – unless she wants to play fetch with you.

Speaking of her cuddly toys, I’ve lost count of the amount of times her poor grandma has lovingly sewn her chewed toys back together. Most of Luna’s toys are of the KONG variety for obvious reasons, but she’s still managed to rip numerous holes in the body of her favourite teddy, aptly named…Teddy. He has been entirely replaced for a bigger model recently, but he still managed to lose 5 of his 6 whiskers inside 1/2 hour of being in Luna’s company.

Honestly Luna’s grandma could probably successfully graduate as a surgeon, for the amount of practice she’s had performing skin (read: fluff) grafts and reverse tracheotomy surgery!

Wet nose kisses & curly tail wags, The Loony Luna team X

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