Feeling like a winner

Sorry did I say winner? I meant winnet.

Yes that’s right, I have just had the hairy parent pleasure of having to clean a winnet off Luna’s bum.

We were enjoying an evening stroll (these lighter nights mean we are not confined to 1/2 hour walks around the block), when Luna saw another dog and got excited.

I can only assume this is the reason she hurried her poo. Thus leaving behind the dreaded winnet…

She proceeded to scoot along the floor and lie down to hide from the dog (a princess does not have winnets don’t ya know).

The female of the approaching couple with the dog decided to loudly declare “Aww look, she/he/it’s (rude!) submitting to our dog!”.

Thanks, but actually she’s attempting to remove a winnet hanging from her bum, and I’m sure she doesn’t appreciate you drawing attention to her…

Actually Luna couldn’t have given a winnet what was going on, as she still leapt to play with the passing dog, bum indiscretion or no!

So anyway, long story short (and after several attempts of me saying “just stand still while Mammy tries to help you!”, literally fearing a swinging winnet touching my hand (vom!)) We got sorted.

Mammy had to grab the winnet with a poop bag, whilst trying not to gag. To make matters worse? It was a cold winnet.

Not that I have a preference for a warm winnet, my preference would be NO winnets, ever, period. ZERO winnets thanks.

Fellow dog owners, help me out- you’ve been there before…right…please?

Wet nose kisses & curly tail wags, The Loony Luna team X

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