For your eyes only…

My daughter is a floosie, there I’ve said it. A full blown floosie who will use her gorgeous good looks to get precisely what she wants, whenever she wants it.

She also loves men.

It’s a well known fact among akita owners that female akitas usually do not get on so well with same-sex dogs, however Luna takes this to new extremes with her general level of male favouritism.

With the obvious exception of her Daddy (who is right up there on a pedestal), she loves being fawned over by men.

Husband has a good friend (read: bromance- they spoil each other much more than they ever have their respective wives) that Luna gets giddy to display herself in front of.

(This friend shall be known as “baldy audi man” – he’ll kill me for that!!)

And when I say display herself, I mean she is a hula skirt and 6 nipple tassels away from it being a full blown lap dance…

She stands up so her paws are on his knees and wiggles her bum with such skill, a playboy bunny would be proud!

It’s shocking really, we could send her to work as a doggy babestation girl, she’d make us millions! It would help us keep her in all those treats she eats…

But a true princess doesn’t do manual labor, she has servants to hand feed her grapes and file her nails, just ask Miss Markle…

Wet nose kisses & curly tail wags, The Loony Luna team X

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