Loony update…

Sorry we haven’t posted for a few weeks, we’ve been busy at work (correction, I’ve been busy at work, Luna’s just been lying on her back with her legs in the air, awaiting treats from her list of adoring fans…)

Since our last posting, Luna has been to the vets for her annual check-up and gained another new love interest.

The vet’s check-up confirmed what we already knew – she is beautiful and perfect in every way, has perfect teeth and will do anything for food (the vet could not coax a timid Luna towards her, until she proffered treats from her pocket, then she was her best mate). The vet did however say that Luna could maybe lose a 1kg or so (to which neither myself or Husband were pleased to be told, as this is our gorgeous daughter she was calling chunky!).

So we’ve cut right down on Luna’s treats and starting feeding her slightly less kibble at both daily mealtimes – she hasn’t seemed to notice too much, but I find it quite difficult as I just want to shower her with love (and her favourite – food!).

In regards to the new love interest, he is a German Shepherd that lives in our neighbourhood called Drax (I’m guessing the spelling). I think they like each other because they are both about the same size, so they can play together freely (most of the dogs I see in our neighbourhood are quite small, or no bigger than a border collie). Drax is quite excitable when he sees other dogs (like Luna), and pulls his owner towards us.

I think Drax assumed he would have the upper-hand with Luna, as he probably does with 98% of the dogs he encounters, however she went straight up to him (when myself and his owner agreed they could sniff each other) and started kissing his face. Then she did her usual pièce de résistance and jumped on his head. That girl has seriously got to work on her flirtation technique…

Wet nose kisses & curly tail wags, The Loony Luna team X

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