The Loony takes over…

GOOD EVENING all of my adoring fans, it’s Luna here!

OK so I’ve had a serious word with my Mammy and told her that the recent lack of blog posts about me is completely unacceptable… so I am going to take over for a bit (I’m sure you’ll find my posts much more interesting anyway). I can tell you everything I get up to when Mammy and Daddy aren’t around too…

So today is Sunday and a day when my Mammy and Daddy usually have a lazy day and get out of bed later than usual (this suits me as I am always happy to lie on my back snoring for a little longer). Mammy usually also has what she calls a “nana nap” later on on a Sunday too, so I join her with this too.

Mammy & Daddy bought me a big brown squashy square a few weeks ago, and Daddy has been trying to train me to go on it by saying “bed”. I am very smart and grasped the concept of this quite quickly, although I don’t let Daddy know this – I managed to get almost 2 full slices of bacon out of him the other day, whilst we were “training”.

I have already had 3 big squashy squares, but I didn’t like the style of them, so decided to chew a few decorative holes in them while Mammy & Daddy were at something they call “work”. I couldn’t understand why they weren’t thrilled to find the kitchen covered in green fluff when they came home? I thought it was great fun to play with, and enjoyed giving myself a green, fuzzy beard. For some reason I am not allowed the squashy thing when they go out now, I have to make do with my big fleecy thrown instead.

So there I was joining Mammy with her nap and I decided to curl up on the squashy thing, instead of lying in my usual favourite spot of the kitchen floor beside the oven. I decided to bring my beloved friend Teddy with me too, but told him if he started any funny business, he would be relegated to the floor again.

I have a lot of toys, but Teddy is my favourite and has been with me since I came to live with Mammy & Daddy. He is bigger than he used to be, but Daddy told me he had been at something called a “gym”. I didn’t really know what this meant, but Teddy seemed to think it would help him escape from me and my teeth. Little did he know… he looks much better with just the 1 whisker in my opinion anyway.

Sometimes I can’t find Teddy for a few days and worry where he has gone, but then Mammy or Daddy find him behind the sofa (where I definitely didn’t accidentally drop him, when I definitely wasn’t on the sofa looking out the window, as I am definitely not supposed to do).

Speaking of Teddy, I’m off to go torment him a bit more (make sure he knows his place in the food chain). I’ll lovingly clean him after though, as he is my best friend and I don’t like anyone else touching him (unless it’s to thrown him for me to catch and shake viciously side to side in my jaws of death).

Wet nose kisses & curly tail wags, The Loony Lunatic herself! X

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