Dog days

Well I haven’t had a very exciting day today, unless you count chewing the hell out of Sir Porkingtons and finding (and successfully) eating a chip from underneath a bush before Mammy could stop me on my morning walk.

I like to eat things, especially if it’s things I shouldn’t be eating.

Sir Porkingtons gives a lovely loud, high-pitched oink every time I sink my teeth into his rubbery behind and proves to be a worthy distraction for 5 minutes, especially as I haven’t seen Teddy since early yesterday.

I suspect he’s taken himself off for a mini-break behind the sofa where I can’t reach him, either that or he is at grandma’s house having day surgery?

I don’t recall tearing him any new holes recently though… although one of his ears is hanging on by a thread…hey if it was good enough for Van Gogh, it’s good enough for Teddy…

Maybe he’ll find himself as an abstract artist…

I’ve not long been back from my evening walk, although we didn’t see Drax, so my day spent perfecting my flirting technique (lay low and stay still like a statue then pounch on his head with my tongue lolling out stupidly) was wasted.

Perhaps I should play it cool for a while anyway, as Mammy said it wasn’t very ladylike when I stood on my hind legs and turned the other cheek while Drax had a good sniff of my nether regions…?

I’ll consult with Teddy tomorrow if he gets found and thrown out from behind the sofa by Mammy (haha Teddy!). I don’t have any female friends as I (accidentally) obliterated a giant pink flamingo I used to have called Franchesker.

Wet nose kisses & curly tail wags, The Loony Lunatic herself! X

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