Running free and howling at the moon

Well, howling at my grandma (Mammy’s Mammy) to be more accurate (but the moon sounds better for a title)…

I don’t know why I am compelled to bark and growl at grandma every time I see her? It doesn’t matter if she is sitting, standing, walking or just just minding her own, I feel this compulsion. I am never nasty though, just protective.

I get royally told off by Mammy & Daddy, but I still go in all guns blazing.

I’m such a greedy puppa that I still stalk up to grandma when she offers treats (in a bid to convince me she comes in peace), grumbling under my breath as I take said treats…

I overheard Mammy telling Daddy that she has asked her friends on a Facebook page for Akita owners (not a single clue what Facebook or any of that is!?) if their dogs ever did this to just one person? Apparently someone said their dog did this to people who are different to their family in some way?

Well grandma does walk differently – she shuffles along, all the while being told off by Mammy that she needs to “do her leg exercises!”. Grandma has had something called a ‘hip replacement’, 2 in fact, so maybe this is why I am such a little witch when she comes over?

I’m working on that…

In other news, Mammy has still been letting me off my lead when we walk along this secure path on our morning and evening walks together – I look forward to this all day! I think Mammy does too as she seems really happy when we chase each other.

I tell my toys how excited I am and all the lovely smells I am going to sniff when we go out, but they don’t respond. Unless you count Teddy trying to conceal himself in a darkened corner and stuffing his paws into his ears. Rude!

I like it when Mammy recognises what a good girl I am (which obviously apart from my grandma-death stares routine), as I am perfect 24/7.

The best thing ever happened the other night- Daddy came on our evening walk!!!

I was so excited I had to walk on just my back paws, so I could be nearer to him! Daddy always tries to make walks short, but Mammy tells him we are taking the scenic route!

Mammy enjoys Daddy accompanying us on our walks, but because he doesn’t do it very often, I can’t help but get excited.

Mammy says to Daddy “it’s your fault as you don’t come with us enough and when you do, you are like a big kid encouraging her!”…but I love Daddy because he treats me like his little princess.

Well I’m off for my evening walk now (minus Daddy I bet), time to run free once more…wonder if I’ll see Drax, or any other boy dogs I can use my hairy feminine charms on?

Wet nose kisses & curly tail wags, The Loony Lunatic herself! X

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