Dog days

Well I haven't had a very exciting day today, unless you count chewing the hell out of Sir Porkingtons and finding (and successfully) eating a chip from underneath a bush before Mammy could stop me on my morning walk. I like to eat things, especially if it's things I shouldn't be eating. Sir Porkingtons gives... Continue Reading →

Loony update…

Sorry we haven't posted for a few weeks, we've been busy at work (correction, I've been busy at work, Luna's just been lying on her back with her legs in the air, awaiting treats from her list of adoring fans...) Since our last posting, Luna has been to the vets for her annual check-up and gained... Continue Reading →

“Happy Wife, Happy Life”…or “Happy Dog, Happy Wife, Happy Life” [if you are The Husband]

The Husband knows that the key to a quiet life is to keep the two ladies ("his 2 favourite girls" as he calls us) in his life happy. This at it's baseline means spending 4.2 million pounds on treats for Luna every week... Seriously though, joking aside, we do spoil her rotten. I have been known... Continue Reading →

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