Loony Luna gets a job…

Well she could (easily) as a therapy dog. To be more specific MY therapy dog.

This may seem a strange choice to some, but until you’ve had such an amazing dog as an akita, you cannot fully understand or appreciate just how wonderful (and crazy!) they are.

I am so glad that Husband mentioned this breed to me when we were looking, otherwise I wouldn’t have found my beloved daughter.

I get a lump in my throat now, just remembering when we first met her and took her home the same night (we were smitten). After sitting and chatting to her birth mother’s parents, and seeing her Mother and sister with her for a good few hours, she was handed over to me with the words “go to your new Mammy now Pup”.

She sat on my lap all the way home, absolutely no problem while Husband drove. She was a just a fuzzy fluffball back then…

The bond we’ve formed with Luna is truly that of parent-child – she is our world and it’s like she has been part of our family for years.

The thought of not seeing that gorgeous happy face waiting with toy in mouth, bum wiggling in excitment for us everytime we get through the door is alien to me now.

That’s just another remarkable thing about dogs – they love you so unconditionally and purely, that it makes your heart melt.

That saying “every dog owner believes they have the best dog in the world, and the thing is, none of them are wrong” is so true.

As I write this, I can see Luna snuggled all cosy on the kitchen floor in her favourite spot under the oven (not actually under it – don’t panic!), that contented smile on her gorgeous chops, and I just want to squeeze her! Absolute beaut!

If more people were allowed to take their pets to work, I believe the world would be a much calmer, happier place. Mine certainly would be, as a quick cuddle of my hairy baby and a sniff of her lovely biscuity-paws (it’s a dog-parent thing) would elliviate any bad mood I was in!

Here’s a photo of the little scrumpet dosing where she isn’t allowed (the sofa, on me!)…

Actually this was taken the afternoon after we had to say goodbye to Tigga. Luna knew something was wrong as I was just constantly crying my eyes out, so she wouldn’t leave me alone.

Dogs truly are Man’s Best Friend…

Wet nose kisses & curly tail wags, The Loony Luna team X

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