(Squeaky) toys are a girl’s best friend

So Teddy didn’t get found last night (I think Mammy forgot to check for him behind the sofa), so I had to make do with Sir Porkingtons, my beefy ball and iced doughnut sqeekie today.

I could hear Teddy in the front room while I was confined to the kitchen (where I am subject to “calming” music from a tube Mammy and Daddy shout ALEXA at) – Daddy gets scolded off Mammy when he asks Alexa to play something called “heavy metal”.

Mammy says “she’s mental enough as it is!”, which I personally think is very rude!

Anyway so yes I could hear Teddy thinking he was so great because he was having yet another “day off” from me. I’m sure he was having a party behind the sofa, it sounded like he thought he was back in 1999…smug idiot, you just wait Teddy, you just wait…

In other news, I had a lovely evening walk with Mammy tonight as she let me off my lead to run free and sniff! It was amazing and I was giddy with excitement. I had to keep making sure I returned whenever she called my name, otherwise I know I won’t be allowed again.

Mammy was laughing and smiling a lot when she ran one way and I hurled after her, then she ran the other way to confuse me. It made me happy as I know Mammy had a stressful day at work today (although she always says she does love her “job”, whatever that is?).

To make things even better, when we got home Mammy must have remembered about Teddy and she went venturing behind the sofa.

Then…ta da! Teddy was thrown over the top of the sofa and I watched his smug little smile turn to fear, as he saw me stealthily approaching from the kitchen… I hope your Ibiza-style soiree was worth it Teddy, as you are mine tonight!

Shhh don’t tell anyone but as I secretly love Teddy, I licked him lovely and clean and then told him about my day without him, whilst cuddling up to him.

Mammy took a photo of Teddy after he was rescued…

Then 2 seconds later when I got hold of him…

Wet nose kisses & curly tail wags, The Loony Lunatic herself! X

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