Puppy playdate

I was unbelievably excited to finally be introducing Luna to ‘bauldy audi man’s (BAM)’, new puppy, Mollie yesterday evening.

After literally weeks of pestering The Husband to ask BAM if we could get them to meet up, tonight was finally the night!

Mollie is absolutely scrumptious in every way, she is still at that bouncy, falling-over-herself, bundle of fluff stage (Luna is still considered puppy-ish, but of course by comparison it’s like Gozilla vs. a pea!).

Luna made me very proud as she was gentle with Mollie and like a mother-hen gently telling her when the pulling, ankle-biting and trying to catch Luna’s tongue was enough!

She ran around the garden stealing all of Mollie’s little tennis balls and trying to hide them all in one particular corner, not letting Mollie near.

We didn’t know what was so appealing about that corner till BAM said it was Mollie’s wee-wee spot.

Watching them both play was unbelievably adorable, especially as Mollie hurled round and Luna slipped over a few times and acted like it was totally meant to happen (staying in her fallen position, licking her paws nonchalantly).

Luna decided to take a lovely steamy, runny poo in BAM’s garden, which even I as her Mother gagged at. Luckily BAM has artificial grass, so it could be hosed off.

This is something we DEFINITELY need to invest in for our back garden, as Luna has decided we need to plan for the end of days, and thus has turned our back lawn into some sort of WW3 trench system…

The only individual who finds these remotely helpful is Teddy, as on the unfortunate occasions he gets dragged out there with Luna to supervise her poo’s, he attempts to conceal himself from her by hiding low in one of these many said trenches…

They are certainly not helpful to Mammy, who almost snaps her ankles every time she steps back into one, attempting to drag the lawn mower over the 3 large patches of grass (read: weeds that grow 5ft for every second of sunshine we experience) that remain of our “lawn”!

I was snapping away like a lunatic, trying to get the best photo of Luna and Mollie (nicknamed Mollie Moo Moo’s by me) together, but of course they moved everytime I was about to get the perfect shot…

…And I couldn’t get a photo of scrumptious Mollie Moo Moo’s on the few occasions she rolled onto her back and displayed her little fat puppy belly, as I was too busy tickling it and making cooing noises at her…

Here are a few photos of them together, I’ll try to get more next time they meet up (i.e when I wear Husband down enough with my pestering).

BAM told Husband that after we left, Mollie was up at the front room window looking for Luna and crying… God I just LOVE dogs!!!

Luna was absolutely knackered when we got home, sinking down onto the kitchen floor and sleeping for about 3 weeks!

Wet nose kisses & curly tail wags, The Loony Luna team X

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